SpecialPets Healthcare Center LLC
SpecialPets Healthcare Center LLC
472 S. Joe Martinez Blvd Pueblo West , Colorado 81007

Phone: (719) 547-4494
Halloween Party
                  Leilani as a Firedog
Peppermint Patty as well a York Peppermint Patty
                    Rascal as Chewbacca
​            Maggie as Snow White and Max as a Dwarf
                  Cinnamon as a Tootsie Roll
                           Suzie-Q as a Pirate
                    Dr. Corning as Dr. Nefario
Dr. Dukes as Guru with Jessica    and Lindsey as her Minions
    DeeDee as Bee-Do and Rachel as Agnes
Stephanie as a Minion and Rose as the evil Purple Minion
                               Regina as a Minion